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There are a lot of problems in Washington D.C., but no one seems to be solving any of them. John Nelson is going to Washington D.C. to make government do what it is supposed to do - work for its citizens. John Nelson is NOT a politician. He does know how to get things accomplished. That is what's needed in Congress. A lot more action and a lot less talk. John Nelson is that person. John Nelson will fight for Ventura County every day he is in office.



John Nelson - THE Small Business Candidate For CA-26

I support the small business voices on Main Street, not Wall Street.

As a small business owner and community member, I know the importance of Main Street to our neighborhoods, our state and our country.  From accountants to farmers, food trucks to IT service providers, dog groomers to neighborhood coffee shops, small businesses are the back bone of the economy—that’s not rhetoric, that’s a fact.  Small businesses account for more than half of the employment and sales, respectively, in this country and in Ventura County.

But while politicians like to say small business is important, they often don’t show that’s the case.  We—small businesses and our employees-- are left behind when it comes to regulations, taxes and more. We need a voice at the table and in Congress. We need someone fighting for Ventura County.

I have been working with some of the leading small business experts in the country and look forward to speaking to you about the problems and solutions that small businesses want, so I can give them proper credit and so we can continue to support the people that make this country grow.

We may be small, but in numbers we are mighty.  Help join the movement to put small businesses first in Congress.


John Nelson - EL candidato para pequeñas empresas para CA-26

Apoyo las voces de las pequeñas empresas en Main Street, no en Wall Street.

Como propietario de una pequeña empresa y miembro de la comunidad, sé la importancia de Main Street para nuestros vecindarios, nuestro estado y nuestro país. Desde contables hasta agricultores, desde camiones de comida hasta proveedores de servicios de TI, desde peluquerías hasta cafeterías de barrio, las pequeñas empresas son la columna vertebral de la economía; eso no es retórica, eso es un hecho. Las pequeñas empresas representan más de la mitad del empleo y las ventas, respectivamente, en este país y en el condado de Ventura.

Pero aunque a los políticos les gusta decir que las pequeñas empresas son importantes, a menudo no muestran que ese sea el caso. Nosotros, las pequeñas empresas y nuestros empleados, nos quedamos atrás en lo que respecta a regulaciones, impuestos y más. Necesitamos una voz en la mesa y en el Congreso. Necesitamos a alguien que pelee por el condado de Ventura.

He estado trabajando con algunos de los principales expertos en pequeñas empresas del país y espero poder hablar con usted sobre los problemas y las soluciones que las pequeñas empresas desean, para poder otorgarles el crédito adecuado y así poder continuar apoyando a las personas que hacen este país crece

Podemos ser pequeños, pero en número somos poderosos. Ayúdense a unirse al movimiento para poner a las pequeñas empresas en primer lugar en el Congreso.





Sunday, November 5, 2017 11:13 AM

Republican Tax Bill Is A Disaster For Middle Class And Small Business

I will be honest with you. There are problems with our tax code. There are things that Republicans could have proposed in their tax plan that would have lots of bipartisan support. Did they do those things? No. They talked a lot of talk, but when it came to putting pen to paper, they caved to the 1 percent.


Monday, October 30, 2017 3:34 PM

Taylor Swift Concert Tickets Available Until 10/31 At Midnight Pacific Time

Halloween Special

In 2018, Taylor Swift will be launching her Reputation world tour. The campaign has been able to reserve 30 pairs of floor tickets which can be used at any of her US concerts.

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Anyone contributing that exact amount will be assumed to be buying tickets, so don't worry there is no specific box to mark.

After your contribution, an e-mail will be sent to you confirming your purchase and preferred cities of attendance.

When the tour dates for specific cities are announced and tickets go on sale, your physical tickets will be delivered to you. 

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017 9:06 AM

Puerto Rico Needs Our Help

It has been almost a week since Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico as a category 4 storm, causing the worst devastation that the island has seen in 100 years. 

The 3.4M residents of the island are all US citizens, but it doesn't feel that way if we look to our President. Over the weekend, National Anthem protests at football games received the attention of President Trump, yet he did not tweet about Puerto Rico until Monday. In those Tweets? He reminded the people of PR that they owe a lot of money to Wall Street.

Why isn't Puerto Rico receiving more aid from our federal government? Why hasn't a disaster relief bill been signed, let alone introduced? What is our current Representative doing? Nothing is more important than helping all of our citizens, and it seems that PR has been forgotten. 

If this terrible tragedy was occurring in Ventura County, we would be in desperate need of

help, and our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico deserve the same.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017 4:33 PM

70,000 Ventura County Children At Risk Because Of No CHIP Funding

CHIP, the Children’s Health Insurance Program funding will expire September 30, 2017. If Congress fails to extend CHIP, about 1.1 million children in the program could lose coverage completely, according to a study for the Commonwealth Fund by George Washington University.

This is unacceptable. 36% of children in Ventura County rely on CHIP or Medi-Cal for their insurance. This means if CHIP funding is not extended, over 70,000 children in the county could be without insurance. Congress needs to act now and set aside partisan bickering to make sure the most vulnerable members of our society are protected.

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