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Simple ways to fix Washington and to provide better jobs and more opportunities for everyone.

Healthcare - Medicare For All


I will never stop fighting until every single American is guaranteed Medicare. Healthcare is unquestionably a human right. The Affordable Care Act was a necessary first step in achieving our goal, but we cannot stop there. Every person living, working, and paying taxes in the United States should have complete access to healthcare for themselves and their families.

  • If a Medicare For All bill is brought to a vote, I will support it and vote for it. I support H.R. 676 and I support Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All Act.
  • Until we have Medicare For All, we need other options for people who have their healthcare security threatened. The best of those options is for a person or family to purchase Medicare coverage directly from the federal government.
  • No American should ever be in debt because of a life-threatening illness and no one should ever fear seeking medical attention because of the cost. This includes mental healthcare, necessary specialist care, palliative care, and preventive care.

Free College Tuition At All Public Colleges And Universities


The cost of education, whether through apprentice programs at two year colleges or a four year degree, should not be a determining factor as to whether someone can improve their standard of life. No one should run into debt before they have any means to pay it off, nor should they fear the cost of returning to school to develop new skills. The median annual income for a 25-32 year old with a four year degree is $50,556. A similar person with a high school diploma earns $28,000. For women of color, the wage gap grows even wider. In order to raise the wages of the working class and give everyone an equal opportunity to succeed, tuition at public colleges and universities should be free.


Farm Workers and Agriculture

Agriculture is essential to the lifeblood of not only Ventura County, but to the world. We produce approximately $2.3B worth of crops annually. We cannot accomplish this each year without the strength of our farm workers. Our local economy is dependent on farm worker labor and we must ensure the health and well-being of some of our hardest workers. I support the Farm Workers Bill of Rights and want to introduce those policy points into federal law, along with some other considerations to support one of our largest local industries:

  • Ensure that field workers are protected from abuses such as wage theft, insufficient protection from pesticides, and threats of job loss or deportation.
  • Incentivize organic and regenerative agriculture to protect workers and the integrity of our land.
  • 80% of our state’s water is consumed by our agricultural industry. As our district will continue to be affected by drought conditions, I would like to work with industry and community leaders to invest in solutions to continue farming practices, while using less water and preventing our soil from losing its fertility.


Our nation is built on diversity, openness and religious freedom. The varied perspectives, distinct insights, abundant skills and entrepreneurial spirit of people from around the world strengthen our businesses and enrich our communities. I stand opposed to blanket immigration and travel restrictions that ban entire nations and religions.

  • Dreamers should be given residence permits and allowed to apply for expedited citizenship.
  • DACA recipients and those who qualify for the program are tax paying Americans who deserve access to the social programs available to citizens. 
  • No family should ever be torn apart because of documentation status. 

Environmental Justice


The oil and gas industry has sustained the Ventura County economy for over a century, but this antiquated form of energy production has caused lasting damage to residents’ health and our landscape. I propose we invest in renewable sources of energy to provide clean power and lasting jobs in the new energy economy.

  • No industry should have the right to negatively impact the standard of living and health of our district’s residents. As long as I am in Washington, Ventura County will no longer be a “sacrifice zone” for dirty power plants and irresponsible oil fields.
  • I have pledged to co-sponsor the Off Fossil Fuels for a Better Future Act (HR- 3671). This bill introduced by Rep. Gabbard in 2017 would place a moratorium on new fossil fuel projects, and works to transition our transportation and energy development to 100% renewable sources by the year 2035.
  • I am against all new oil drilling, including fracking, and will fight the Trump administration’s ruling on expanding offshore drilling on the Central Coast. This is an example of federal oversight at the expense of our district’s desires for clean air, water, and a sustainable future.
  • I refuse to take a penny from the fossil fuel industry.

Small Businesses


Small businesses are BIG business. There are 22 million small businesses in the United States. Of those, only six million have an employee other than the owner. My plan to change that is the Hire One program which would exempt the owner from payroll taxes and Social Security taxes, and avoid double taxation for that year. If every owner Hires One employee, more jobs will be created than in the George W Bush and Barack Obama administrations combined.
Other programs include:

  • Improving access to credit and strengthen Small Business Association’s lending and the SBA Office of Advocacy.
  • Decreasing the barriers to entrepreneurship for disadvantaged groups through mentorship programs and expanding resources that coach individuals in loan applications, in order to improve success rates for traditional financing options.
  • Raising the goal for awarding government contracts to women-owned and small, disadvantaged businesses from the current 5% figure to a modest target of 25%. We should also raise the current goal of 3% of spending of federal prime contract dollars on ‘Historically Underutilized Business Zones’ to at least 15%.
  • Ending tax havens that take investments out of the US and hide them elsewhere.
  • Maintaining net neutrality to allow for equally competitive online commerce and prevent consumers from throttled services.

Veterans Services

Our veterans are what make our freedom and liberty as a nation possible. When a veteran has been discharged from active duty, it is our duty to make sure the needs of those who served us are also taken care of.

  • We need to invest in our highly skilled workforce of veterans by increasing in partnerships between veterans and private employers, including tax credits as an incentive to hire veterans.
  • Continue progress on VA benefits and wait times by expanding choices for veterans who need medical care. We can achieve this by guaranteeing those honourably discharged from service receive Medicare in addition to their VA benefits. This allows our former service people the ability to receive medical attention from facilities that are not solely owned by the VA.

Social Justice


Our First Amendment guarantees all Americans the right to expression. No one should be denied work, housing, or equal income due to their race, orientation, gender, religion, ethnicity, or country of origin. I support the right for women to choose the terms of their pregnancy and support all of Planned Parenthood’s services. Every American must retain the right to freedom of expression and the ability to prosper. 
The various issues that uniquely affect each community within our district needs to be met, and I will be there to meet them. Whether that means expanding access to antiretroviral drug treatments to prevent increasing HIV infections, finding housing for our most vulnerable communities, or protecting one from unlawful discrimination of any kind, my office will always be open to you.
In the 1990s during the AIDS epidemic, I volunteered delivering meals to HIV/AIDS patients in palliative care. I can never forget the heartbreak of being told that I didn’t need to go back to a patient’s home, or hearing the next day that someone I saw the day before had passed in the night. We need to not only demand Medicare for All, but make drugs like PrEP more accessible, promote community sexual education and relationship counselling for young people, ensure LGBTQIA+ people are protected from legal discrimination in the workplace, and transgender individuals are safe from violence.

You will be seen. You will be heard. That is a promise. 

Opioid Epidemic



Death from overdose rose 21% nationally last year, and Ventura County sees an average of death by overdose once every 3 days. To put a halt to these deaths across the country we need to do the following:

  • Make Naloxone rescue kits more readily available.
  • Make treatment as accessible and inexpensive as buying heroin.
  • Investigate the doctors who are over-prescribing opiates and receiving kick backs from pharmaceutical companies.

Privacy, Transparency, and Security

From the Equifax breach to the recent House vote to reauthorize the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, our privacy is being violated. I am against warrantless mass surveillance and spying on Americans and our allies. My office's actions will be honest and transparent. 

I have no interest in bringing the United States into another war and I am vehemently against expanding our weapons system. I will never vote to enter another war and I do not support drone strikes over civilian territories.

Comprehensive Gun Control


California proudly claims the most stringent gun control laws in the nation, and I believe we should be an example to other states. I want California’s common sense gun laws to be extended to the federal level, plus a few other ideas to prevent further tragedies around the United States:

  1. Register all guns with the requirement for a registration renewal every two years.
  2. Require gun owners to file for liability insurance for each gun they own.
  3. I propose a $20 tax per bullet for assault weapons (with an exemption for controlled gun ranges and law enforcement).
  4. Furthermore, I support a ban on assault weapons and bumpstocks, like those used in the Las Vegas massacre.

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