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Republican Tax Bill Is A Disaster For Middle Class And Small Business

I will be honest with you. There are problems with our tax code. There are things that Republicans could have proposed in their tax plan that would have a lot of bipartisan support. Did they do those things? No. They talked a lot of talk, but when it came to putting pen to paper, they caved to the 1 percent.

Republicans talked about doubling the child tax credit. They didn't. They talked about letting businesses immediately expense the full cost of their investments (in things like factories, research, etc.). In exchange, companies would give up the ability to deduct interest paid on loans. They didn't.

If that ONE provision had been included, the GDP would double with no other tax cuts needed. It is something every politician could support, but it would not have left enough money for the 1%.

As for small business? Remember the whole Republican mantra is about helping small businesses. This was their chance and they screwed over small business. They took it to the very heart of this country.

There are 15,000 big corporations in the US. They will get huge tax breaks while the 28 MILLION small businesses get almost nothing. Small businesses account for half the employment and half the sales in the US but they are not in the 1%, so they get nothing.

As world renowned small business expert, Carol Roth states, "The tax plan is a joke that hurts small business. The House and GOP are an embarrassment. The bill actually discourages small business ownership, investment or hiring."

Small businesses keep this country moving. This tax plan aims to bring the country to a screeching halt so the rich can get a tax break.

Committee to Elect John Nelson
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